Maintenance and Repair

Our computer specialists are here to help you with all your maintenance and repair needs, including repair work for items with or without a current warranty.  


We can also build a PC for you to your exact specifications, professionally cleanse sensitive equipment and much more.


Each customer will have a plan that is tailored specifically for their business, but generally the tasks undertaken by Chel-Mikk Computer Services Corp. are listed below.


  • Notebook and desktop upgrades: memory, sound and video/graphics
  • Install peripherals, such as monitors, printers, scanners etc.
  • Ensure all relevant Microsoft updates are installed
  • Verify regular security updates for Windows and Microsoft Office are installed
  • Check virus protection software is up to date for all users
  • Run updates and scans for viruses and spyware
  • Check that backups have run properly and verify backup
  • Monitor and clean up server disk usage
  • Check server event logs for any ‘behind the scenes’ issues
  • Optimize and compress Email and Shared Folder files where necessary
  • Check Email and Internet logging for errors and bottlenecks
  • Run diagnostic checks on servers and networks
  • Troubleshoot network/internet issues


By making recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of your IT investment, we can provide support and services on demand for your existing IT systems as well as help define system enhancements. Depending upon your network setup many of these tasks can be run remotely and/or out of business hours to provide the minimum disruption in your office. While the monthly maintenance is the best possible way to protect your company from major downtime and everything possible will be done to ensure your computers run to the best of their ability;


Chel-Mikk Computer Services Corp. will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures or results of mechanical failures. As with all electrical equipment, parts may fail at any time. All parts are additional and will be charged separately. Any additional work, not listed in this agreement will be billed separately at the current hourly rate.



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